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Brenda Green

Conductor, Lincoln Concert Band

Brenda comes from a long line of musicians. At the age of seven her father Mark Fairchild, a High School Music Teacher put a piccolo in her hands and gave her that first lesson.

Brenda picked up the instrument quickly and the next thirty three years were spent play-ing flute and piccolo for her father in numerous groups and venues. From competitions to fifteen years in a pit orchestra, virtually every local band and the local University Wind Ensemble, Brenda's musical talents are well known and respected in the musical com-munity and throughout the Niagara Peninsula.

When her father passed away in 2000, Brenda assumed the role of Conductor of her father.s band in Port Colborne Ontario at his urging, yet continued to play as the Principal flute for the Lincoln Concert band in Beamsville. In 2003 The Niagara falls Concert Band approached Brenda to once again put her musi-cal expertise to work as Conductor for this local band as well.

Now conducting two bands, principal flutist in a third and with four daughters at home, Brenda.s life has been anything but boring and time has always been at a premium for her. Still, in 2004 the Lincoln Concert Band also found themselves in need of a conduc-tor. With the current/ interim conductor resuming a regular work schedule and the previ-ous conductor effectively retired, Brenda was the obvious and preferable choice for the position.

Knowing that this would mean she would have no opportunity to play her flute (affection-ately named Zeus) or piccolo (Hera) any longer, Brenda with little hesitation, accepted the position.

Demanding in her style but never forgetting that the members of each band are there vol-untarily, for the love of music and to have fun, the bands have all flourished under her able direction. She still visits with Zeus and Hera at times, her first real love but putting them aside, she has become a valued leader and is very much respected for her musical talents and expertise to dozens of local musicians in these communities.