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History of the Lincoln Concert Band

The Lincoln Concert Band has a long and varied history.

The band began in the mid 1880s as The National Band. After a few years, interest in the band declined until the "Old Boys Reunion" of 1908 in Teeswater. Shortly therafter the band was restarted as the "Beamsville Citizen's Band". Since 1908 the band has been active continuously.

During the 20th century the band has undergone several name changes and rehearsed in many different locations however for at least the last 40 years have been practicing on the second floor of the old Town Fire Hall "Bennett Hall". But the fire engines and sirens no longer randomly drown out the band during Thursday evening rehearsals. Bennett Hall is now a local Lions Club facility and the Lincoln Concert Band is graciously allowed to use the same room gratis.

The band's most recent name, the "Lincoln Concert Band" is due to the fact is is now a regional band for Lincoln Township. Beamsville is one of the many towns that resides in Lincoln Township.


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